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We coach leaders and teams to co-create collaborative, meaningful work cultures that drive personal, professional, and organizational growth.

leadership coaching - executive coach

Executive Coaching

Tap the best version of your leadership. Succeed in new or existing roles.

We coach leaders to do the inner work and the outer work of leadership – building strong emotional intelligence and leadership acumen for a clear, authentic leadership voice and influence that’s built on competence and trust.


Team Building - Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching

Foster strong relationships, aligned action, and conscious collaboration.

We help teams bring their best selves forward by supporting and coaching the entire team system – not just one individual. Our approach integrates organizational and human dynamics. Coaching focuses upon attitudes and skills essential to building high-performance team cultures.


staff offsite - team retreat

Team Offsites

Assess climate for collaboration. Deepen relationships. Define roadmaps.

Amidst the pressure to deliver results, there is often no time to step back. We design and facilitate tailored retreats that give teams time to celebrate success, to deepen relationships, and to define actionable roadmaps with a sense of the bigger picture.


strategic execution

Strategic Execution

Align efforts & people behind strategic priorities. Drive impact & growth.

Strategic execution too often fails due to lack of clarity, conflicting priorities, or half-heartedness. We step teams through a systematic process to clarify key strategy elements in a communicable way that supports subsequent decisions.


Examples of Coaching Outcomes Clients Seek

Establish Your Leadership Voice

  • Lead with authenticity and purpose
  • Enroll others in your vision
  • Lead with influence – not formal power
  • Manage up and across

Unlock New Levels of Performance

  • Identify blind spots and self-limiting beliefs
  • Turn reactive tendencies into creative behaviors
  • Transform work relationships
  • Set yourself up for success in a new role

Tackle Workplace Challenges

  • Build clarity and commitment to change
  • Turn strategy into action
  • Drive strategic alignment
  • Unlock sticking points

MASTER the SKILL of working in teams

  • Understand and leverage human dynamics
  • Improve collective decision-making
  • Assess and foster team health
  • Establish a culture of collaboration
  • “New to leading, I struggled to get the respect and buy-in of my strong-willed team members. I learned a lot about managing team dynamics, gaining influence, and creating team guidelines.”

    – Senior Scientist, Biotech
  • "I had temper issues that meant people weren’t willing to be honest with me. I got so much out of looking at this – not just professionally but also personally. People now tell me how surprised they are about the progress I have made."

    –SVP Business Development, Telecom
  • "A great benefit has been my coach’s ability to ‘politely challenge’ ways in which I had previously limited my impact on the job or career satisfaction overall."

    –Executive Director Strategic Alliances, Biotech
  • "Early in the process I felt I could deeply trust my coach – opening up communication and allowing opportunities to re-examine my attitudes and believes - which led to real change in my leadership."

    –Strategy Leader, Think Tank
  • "I had to look at how I was coming across to others – and how that started to hurt my career prospects. I hired a coach after not making a promotion and got some honest feedback that I could act upon. Feedback from my boss reassures me that I am back on track."

    –SVP Service Management, Commercial Real Estate
  • "With a pending global product launch, I started to work longer and longer – making more and more mistakes. My weekly check-ins with my coach kept me afloat and helped me to have my priorities clear. We launched on time."

    –Global Brand Manager, Pharma
  • "Two years after founding a nonprofit, I struggled to get operational practices and strategic relationships to a place from which I could scale up. Having a sounding board and added accountability was incredibly helpful."

    –Founder, Nonprofit
  • "What started as a discussion about what I want from my business next turned into a much deeper exploration of my strategy and my business model. I got so much clarity out of it I refocused my service portfolio and redesigned my website to communicate better what my business is about."

    –Startup Entrepreneur, Global Health
  • "New to a large nonprofit, I was not prepared for the resistance I met to make the organizational changes I was hired to do. My coaching process meant a lot of learning about driving change – and gave me persistence to see the reorganization through."

    –SVP Marketing & Communications, Nonprofit
  • "I didn’t have the time or money for an MBA program – but that’s what I felt I got: Customized learning on the job that made an immediate difference in how I approached my leadership challenge."

    –Director Development, Nonprofit
  • "My coach helped me understand the how to navigate the organizational politics in global organization. He helped me to see my conflict more clearly and to change behaviors that didn’t give me the desired response."

    –Director Global Sourcing, Pharma
  • “Work with Collaborative Coaching has lasted far beyond our engagement with them. That's in contrast to many consultancies where projects lose momentum the moment the engagement is over.”

    – Head Global Operations, Pharma
  • "As an senior executive of a global company, I have a lot of calls. I always look forward to my call with Yael and Yosh. Their ability to discern dynamics at play on my team and their attuned approach towards incrementally helping our team grow always contributes to a new thought or perspective."

    –President and CEO, Professional Services
  • "My staff quickly started to see Collaborative Coaching as competent and collaborative partners willing to find out how to support us - and not as hired hands."

    Executive Director, Nonprofit

We offer FREE 30-minute consultations by phone. During our conversation with you, we will establish your coaching priorities. You will leave the call with a sense of what working with us would look like.

Our Approach

Collaborative Coaching is a leadership and team development consultancy recognized for its quality of insights, actionable ideas, commitment to change that outlasts our engagement and our ability to leverage organizational and human dynamics for increased impact and sustainable growth.
We recognize that our clients’ challenges are complex without simple answers or quick fixes. We approach our engagements with honest curiosity, a commitment to being helpful, and a sincere intention to find out what’s on our clients’ minds.

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