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About us

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Your growth is our passion.
Systemic & People-Centered

Addressing both human and organizational dynamics supports the kind of authentic leadership and collaboration that has the power to catalyze real, sustainable change


Years of work in complex settings have shown us what works and what doesn't while supporting leaders and teams


Our approach is a unique blend of insights and techniques from humanistic psychology, organizational effectiveness, process facilitation, and behavioral science

Our Story

We co-founded Collaborative Coaching after facilitating hundreds of focus groups, interviews, training sessions, and team interventions with thousands of employees and leaders.

Over and over again, we heard and experienced similar themes about human dynamics at work that interfered with collaboration, meaningful interactions, inspiring leadership, or aligned action.

We realized that workplaces could only be as high-functioning as the people who lead them – and collaboration can only be as effective as the human dynamics that drives it.

Leadership and collaboration are not individual acts but social processes. What distinguishes good from great leaders is their ability to intentionally create and maintain collaborative, relationally mature work cultures where creativity, collective problem-solving, and accountability prosper.

We co-founded Collaborative Coaching in 2010 with a focus on getting the human aspects of these challenges right.

Meet the Team

With 20 years of global work experience each, we have seen the extraordinary possibilities that arise from authentic and effective leadership and emotionally mature collaboration. We have designed and facilitated hundreds of team interventions and staff retreats, and have coached leaders from global NGOs, nonprofits, foundations, high-growth organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. 

With backgrounds as organizational development consultants, and natural / social scientists, we understand human and organizational systems – and the challenges to evolve them

Trained as coaches, psychotherapists, and mediators, we respect the strengths, motivations, and conflicts individuals bring to their roles at work.

Yael Sivi Executive Coach Speaker
“I work with leaders and teams to help them understand their challenges and to move them past the human issues interfering with their success.”
Yael Sivi
Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, Co-founder
Executive Coach Yosh Beier
“I support individuals and teams to lead and collaborate more effectively – and to make better collective decisions.”
Yosh Beier
Executive Coach, Team Builder, Co-founder
Book Cover - 800x950-drop-shadow
So many people have benefited from the insights and reflective practices in our book, we consider it a team member.
Growing Up At Work
Our Book
Authentic Interactions.

We bring our sincere curiosity to the complexities of your situation – and we skillfully address the real issues that get in the way of your success.

Extraordinary Results.

We’re committed to providing meaningful insights, actionable ideas, and positive, sustainable change that outlasts our engagement with you.



For 20 years, we have supported the growth of leaders and leadership teams.

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