Combining organizational and individual psychology, we coach leaders to be more conscious in their leadership – and help teams to interact more authentically in ways that enhance trust, aliveness, collective problem-solving, and the aligned execution of strategic priorities.

leadership coaching - executive coach

Leadership Coaching

Tap the best version of your leadership. Succeed in new or existing roles.

We coach leaders to do the inner work and the outer work of leadership – building strong emotional intelligence and leadership acumen for a clear, authentic leadership voice and influence that’s built on competence and trust.


Team Building - Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching

Foster collaboration, collective intelligence, and high-performance.

We help teams bring their best selves forward by supporting and coaching the entire team system – not just one individual. Our approach integrates organizational and human dynamics. Coaching focuses upon attitudes and skills essential to building high-performance team cultures.


staff offsite - team retreat

Team/Staff Retreats

Assess climate for collaboration. Deepen relationships. Define road maps.

Amidst the pressure to deliver results, there is often no time to step back. We design and facilitate tailored retreats that give teams time to celebrate success, to deepen relationships, and to define actionable roadmaps with a sense of the bigger picture.


strategic execution

Strategic Execution

Align efforts & people behind strategic priorities. Drive impact & growth. 

Strategic execution too often fails for lack of clarity, conflicting priorities, or half-heartedness. We step teams through a systematic process to clarify key strategy elements in a communicable way that supports subsequent decisions.



We coach crucial leadership and collaborative skills to startups and nonprofits with 25 – 1,000 staff who are rapidly growing or scaling up.

  • Regular spot coaching sessions of 30-60 minutes: This format makes  coaching accessible to a wider group of people within an organization. These on-site meetings serve as sounding board / joint problem-solving sessions where coach and coachee work on specific challenges as they occur.
  • Leadership coaching sessions for emerging leaders: This format runs 3-6 months and supports emerging leaders as they build essential managerial and people leadership skills amidst a growing organization.
  • Envisaging and maintaining a Deliberately Developmental Culture: Frequently, informal and mission-driven organizations are sensitive to issues of power and hierarchies. Their concern is that getting bigger means less play and creativity, personal connection, or impact – but more hierarchy, silos, and differentiation. Jointly, we identify behavioral and attitudinal cornerstones of a culture that maintains fun, creativity and engagement and that supports the professional growth of individuals as much as organizational growth.
  • Learning labs: These are highly interactive 2-4 hour training sessions that focus on practicing skills essential to collaboration and collective problem-solving – such as conflict resolution, clarifying decision rights, ensuring effective cross-team collaboration, giving & receiving feedback, etc.

Client Needs

Leadership Development & Team Development

Our Approach

Organizations grow when people grow – and people grow most through the challenges of real-life experiences supported by intentional learning.

We believe that mindful, authentic interactions are the most powerful catalyst for learning and growth – personal, professional, and organizational.

Our approach involves a unique combination of insights and techniques from behavioral science, organizational effectiveness, and humanistic psychology.

Conscious, self-aware collaborators think better, relate better, and are better collective problem-solvers.

We support the development of leaders and teams by fostering a practice of awareness, reflection, inquiry, experimentation, and conscious choice. Balancing insight and action, we enhance crucial leadership and collaborative skills.

We work to understand our clients and the multiplicity of perspectives people have. Our approach combines an appreciation for our clients’ unique strengths with sensitive attention to what is getting in the way of greater collaboration and leadership. We effectively facilitate conversations that are otherwise avoided or at risk of getting stuck.