Resilient Leadership – Webinar Announcement revamp_odeqd23 March 21, 2013

Resilient Leadership – Webinar Announcement


Yael will be giving a webinar on resilient leadership for the Security Industry Institute Society. Participation is open to non-members as well. You are invited to sign up.

Date: April 11, 2013
Time: 12pm – 1pm EST

Current economic realities have meant that organizations are doing more with less, and many employees and leaders alike are overworked and at their personal and professional limits. Nonetheless, for an organization to stay vital and engaging, leaders must have the resilience required to weather difficult times. More than ever before, leaders must be as resilient as possible to manage daily stress and frustration. Becoming more resilient allows for leaders to continue the mighty task of inspiring their employees, but also allows that they, over time, continue to stay engaged in their leadership roles and avoid burnout.