Podcast Episode 1: Meet the Hosts revamp_odeqd23 May 23, 2018

Podcast Episode 1: Meet the Hosts


Welcome to the Conscious Collaboration Podcast

Conscious Collaboration – authentic discussions with growth-oriented leaders and thinkers about all things collaboration

In this episode, meet Yael Sivi and Yosh Beier, the hosts of the Conscious Collaboration podcast and learn more about what this podcast series will be about.

Yael and Yosh have worked with hundreds of leaders and teams as executive coaches and organizational development consultants. They have conducted workshops and employee engagement focus groups with thousands of employees. Their journey led them to co-found Collaborative Coaching (read more about our story) but has also shaped their views on what makes or breaks collaboration.

Some highlights from this episode:

  • What makes collaboration conscious collaboration?
    Collaboration is not a thing or method that teams need to get right but then can “set and forget”. Rather, it’s a set of practices that need persistent commitment. Conscious collaboration involves being intentional and mindful of how you lead and collaborate. 
  • Personal growth and professional growth are two sides of the same coin
    Collaboration is more than a coordination of effort to accomplish a goal but ultimately it is a deeply personal and relational experience. Nearly every “collaborative challenge” is more than a logistical or planning issue but involves learning that drives both personal and professional growth.

Listen and enjoy.