We design and facilitate team retreats that catalyze meaningful engagement, renewed connections, and actionable planning.

A change in action requires a change in the conversation.

–Peter Block

Amidst pressure to deliver results, there’s often no time to step back and reflect. Teams, like people, need to periodically recharge and reflect away from routine and daily stressors.

We design and facilitate tailored team offsites that give teams time to celebrate successes, deepen relationships, and define actionable roadmaps with a renewed sense of the bigger picture.

Our retreats help teams have honest conversations about how they’re currently working with each other, and we offer tailored interventions that support the team to enhance relationships and improve their ability to get work done together.

Our tailored team offsites are highly interactive programs with objectives such as:

  • Take current snapshot of your culture of collaboration through qualitative and quantitative assessments – and use that data to inspire an honest dialogue about what works and what needs attention
  • Offer concrete skill building segments – based on findings during the need assessment
  • Create opportunities to celebrate success and to acknowledge what is unfolding
  • Have clearing conversations to address “unfinished business”
  • Make commitments / set ground rules to support engagement and collaboration
  • Improve alignment among team / staff members
  • Define actionable roadmaps for key priorities