WAKING UP WHITE revamp_odeqd23 April 8, 2022


Our workplaces are more diverse than ever – and our conversations about differences more real than ever. This book invites sincere reflection about race and equality

Waking up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race: by Debby Irving.  Published by Elephant Room Press, 2014.  $18.00 paperback, 288 pages.  ISBN-13 978-0991331307

Debby Irving was born in upper-middle-class Massachusetts, during the socially turbulent ‘60s and ‘70s.  Her chosen career of urban performance-arts and community-based non-profits was founded in part because of the racial divide she witnessed during her childhood.  When her best intentions often ended up doing more harm than good, she began digging into her own life of white privilege.  Now she is an emerging voice in the national racial justice community and her story comes to life in Waking up White.  Irving delves deep into the murky issue of racism through her personal journey of discovery and insight; it’s a brutally honest, unflinching exploration of race and personal identity, told with heart by a truly gifted storyteller.