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Renowned executive coach Marshall Goldsmith offers powerful suggestions to succeed at one of the hardest things – behavior change in adults

Triggers: Creating Behavior that Lasts—Becoming the Person You Want to Be by Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Reiter.  Published by Crown Business, 2015.  $14.00 hardcover, 272 pages.  ISBN-13 978-0804141239

Reactions are a part of our everyday life, and there are plenty that we aren’t proud of and may even be surprised by.  These reactions are a result of “triggers,” constant and relentless barrages of people and situations that find us reacting in ways that are extremely contradictory to the way we perceive ourselves.  In Triggers, Goldsmith and Reiter show how these trigger points can be overcome, and how this can be a lasting change.  They provide you with a simple “magic bullet;” active, self-monitoring questions to ask on a daily basis.  As Goldsmith leads you through his six questions, you’ll discover how success should be measured in effort, not results, and how there truly is a difference between achieving and trying.  With stories and examples from his work with powerful businessmen and women, Goldsmith provides you with a personal playbook on how to achieve lasting change and become the individual you want to be.