IN OVER OUR HEADS revamp_odeqd23 March 30, 2022


Adult Development is marked by our growing ability to process the complexities of life and relationships

In Over Our Heads: The Mental Demands of Modern Life by Robert Kegan.  Published by Harvard University Press, 1998.  $30.00 paperback, 396 pages.  ISBN-13 978-0674445888

Robert Kegan continues to shine as he takes The Evolving Self and applies it to the complexity and utter confusion of the world of the modern adult.  An adult faces many labels: parent, partner, citizen, and employee, and the list continues.  These roles are met by a myriad of experts and opinions, and it is no mystery why one becomes utterly overwhelmed!  Kegan has managed to take these literatures and bring them together in a way that shows that there is commonality; there is a mismatch between the way we know how the world works, and the way we are actually expected to understand it.  Kegan provides yet another fresh perspective on many modern controversies, such as safe sex, diversity, communication between genders, and more.  He proposes that adult development is very similar to child development; it is open-ended process that is constantly evolving!