Conscious, self-aware collaborators think better, relate better, and are better collective problem-solvers.



We coach leaders and teams to co-create collaborative, meaningful work cultures that drive both personal and organizational growth.

leadership coaching - executive coach

Leadership Coaching

Tap the best version of your leadership. Succeed in new or existing roles.


Team Building - Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching

Foster collaboration, collective intelligence, and high-performance.


staff offsite - team retreat

Team/Staff Retreats

Assess climate for collaboration. Deepen relationships. Define road maps.


strategic execution

Strategic Execution

Align efforts & people behind strategic priorities. Drive impact & growth.


Meet the Founders

With over 15 years of global work experience each, Yael Sivi and Yosh Beier have seen the extraordinary possibilities that arise from authentic and effective leadership and collaboration. We have designed and facilitated team interventions and staff retreats, and have coached leaders from organizations as varied as The United Nations, The Princeton AlumniCorps, The New York Foundation for the Arts, startups, and Fortune 1000 companies.

With backgrounds as organizational development consultants, and natural / social scientists, we understand human and organizational systems – and the challenges to evolve them. Trained as coaches, psychotherapists, and mediators, we respect the strengths, motivations, and conflicts individuals bring to their roles at work.

Our interdisciplinary influences and cross-cultural backgrounds have deeply informed Collaborative Coaching’s approach to leadership and team coaching – enabling the best of both worlds: experience with tried and true managerial and leadership tools, and an eye for generational and collaborative trends as they unfold.

  • Yosh Beier – Purpose Driven
    Yosh Beier – Purpose Driven Co-Founder, Executive Coach

    Yosh brings over 15 years experience to working with leaders and teams – integrating influences from humanistic and organizational psychology, adult development theory, as well from practicing Soto Zen.

    Trained as physicist and organizational development consultant, he appreciates the complexities of organizational dynamics. Trained and certified as Hakomi (Gestalt) therapist and mediator, he brings deep respect to the human dynamics that shape our behaviors as leaders and collaborators.

    Yosh has extensive experience working with nonprofit leaders related to conscious leadership as well as facilitating teams to support collaboration and strategic execution. He has himself been a board member and chair of a Buddhist nonprofit for many years.

  • Yael Sivi – Purpose Driven
    Yael Sivi – Purpose Driven Co-Founder, Executive Coach

    With over 15 years experience, Yael works across disciplines as a psychotherapist, leadership coach, and organizational consultant. Her work is informed by her belief that sincerity, courageous self-exploration, and increased self-awareness create the conditions for greater meaning in work and life. Yael’s approach is rooted in Gestalt theory, which places central importance on present-moment experience, examining the emotional constraints we co-create, and the sacred power of an I/thou relationship as a ground for growth.

    Yael works with individuals, leaders, and teams – often at the creative intersection of helping clients understand and accept themselves more in concert with cultivating the ground for greater aliveness, honesty, and influence to emerge within themselves, at work, and in their relationships.

Combining organizational and individual psychology, Collaborative Coaching coaches leaders to be more conscious in their leadership and helps teams to interact more authentically in ways that enhance trust, aliveness, collective problem-solving, and aligned action.

We offer FREE 30-minute consultations by phone. During our conversation with you, we will establish your coaching priorities. You will leave the call with a sense of what working with us would look like.

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