Collaborative Coaching Manifesto

We make collaboration easier.

The amount of time people spend on collaborative activities has more than doubled in the past two decades. The rewards of collective intelligence and collaboration are compelling and clear, yet only few teams and organizations live the promise – many don’t.

True collaboration is more than coordinated effort. It cannot be mandated. Neither can creativity, passion, meaning, or conscientiousness – yet all are required to go from good to great.

Cultivating collaboration is an art and a science.

Combining organizational and individual psychology, we coach leaders to be more conscious of their leadership – and teams to interact more authentically in ways that enhance trust, aliveness, collective problem-solving, and aligned action.

Organizations grow when leaders and teams grow.

We believe that conscious, authentic interactions are the most powerful catalyst for learning and growth – personal, professional and organizational.

There is no trick, no magic bullet. It takes vision, persistence, and courage to see professional growth and personal growth as two sides of the same coin.

We use workplace interactions as a laboratory to explore personal, interpersonal, and organizational dynamics, to decrease drama and reactivity, to increase individuals’ and teams’ responsibility for their choices, and to align action.

Conscious, self-aware collaborators think better, relate better, and are better collective problem-solvers.

Businesses and organizations decisively shape the future of our world. Let’s use them as a force for good.

That’s our sweet spot – to inspire and facilitate collaborative growth where organizations are conscious of the impact they have on communities and the environment, and where people are conscious of the impact they have on each other.