Facilitate A Staff-Wide 360 Feedback Process

An office wants to get real about feedback and development


In an office of 25 staff, employees weren’t receiving timely or applicable feedback beyond a formal once-a-year performance review process.

Lacking regularity and more comfort with giving direct and actionable feedback, the collaborative spirit in the office suffered and several staff members had unrealistic views of how others perceived them.


In coordination with the leadership team, we selected an appropriate 360-assessment instrument that covered the right mix of task-related and interpersonal competencies.

The process started with a kick-off workshop laying out the purely developmental intention of this initiative – addressing concerns about having an additional performance evaluation right from the start.

Upon completion of the online feedback process, each staff member received an in-person 90-minute debriefing and coaching session that translated findings into concrete behavioral goals and development targets.

We designed and delivered a one-day staff-wide workshop which included sharing of everyone’s main 360 insights with live discussion, skill-building and practice on giving and receiving feedback, and an active invitation to colleagues to give/receive more feedback on a regular basis.


Each staff member received realistic and constructive feedback – which some had been missing in years.

Individual coaching sessions helped staff members to distill key insights from their feedback reports and translate these into concrete and actionable ideas for their own professional development and their ability to act collaborative.