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Turning Team Members Into Team Players

Last year we opened our team collaboration assessment tool under a Creative Commons license. A year and 1000+ responses later, we have some interesting data to share.

We have been invited the Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship and by the International Association of Business Communicators to present our findings. There are two opportunities for a free 60-minute webinar about the collaborative advantage by focusing on select behaviors and attitudes that distinguish high-performing teams.

Team-based work has become the dominant form of collaboration. But much of the promise and potential of “team work” remains unfulfilled: Only few teams live up to the level of collective intelligence and performance they could reach. Decades of research and training haven’t significantly changed this reality. So what get’s in the way?

In this webinar Yosh Beier will discuss evidence from proprietary and secondary organizational research that will help you to turn team members into team players:

      • What makes a good or a bad day for a team member?
      • What key indicators allow you to predict whether a team is high- vs low-performing?
      • Which specific key team and leadership behaviors should you encourage as a team leader to support a team’s ability to perform?

You can register for free:

“The Collaborative Advantage”
Date: Wednesday, February 26th
Time: 11am EDT / 8am PDT
Register here!
building high-performance teams
“Turning Team Members into Team Players”
Date: Tuesday, February 25th
Time: 8am EST / 4pm KSA
Register here!
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